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Why Sliding Gate Valves?

ios微信红包扫雷软件learn how sliding gate valves provide greater accuracy and higher capacity.

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why choose jordan valve for pressure regulators & control valves?

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quickly and accurately determine the flow coefficient of a valve.

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New Jordan Valve Control Valve Sizing Program!

May 17, 2019

We are excited to announce the enhanced version of the Jordan Valve Control Valve sizing program, JVCV Max, is now…
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Differential Pressure Regulators

May 3, 2018

The important point to understand with differential pressure regulators is that there are two loading pressures acting on the diaphragm. …
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What our customers are saying

we are a long time customer of mk50 back pressure regulators in our hot oil systems, and we use them at every one of our 12 roofing plants, probably an average of maybe 20 per plant. all plants have always been very happy with the long term success of this product line. you have a real winner with this backpressure regulator, so please don’t ever change it or discontinue!

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